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Makais Reviews – Positive Feedback – Thank You!

Thank you to all our Makais customers who take the time to leave us a positive feedback on various websites online. We really appreciate it! Our little “Christmas Elves” have been working overtime to ship packages fast and make sure this Holiday season is a good one. Below is a small sampling of recent feedback received.   🙂

Thank You Affiliates!

If you are not familiar with affiliate programs: We’ve got an affiliate program at, where bloggers, webmasters, website owners, etc.. can refer customers to and make a 6% commission just for linking to us!

I would like to thank all the hard working affiliates out there who bring us new customers and help boost our sales! We’re happy to reward all you guys with that 6% commission! Here are some links you might want to check out of some of our affiliates that feature products on their websites: Helle Knife Review, Hammock Review, ShopWiki, ShopGala, Cycling Gear, Camping Gear, Shop Outdoor Gear

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Check it out! Pretty cool eh? Check out the many other testimonials we get too.