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Tops Knives Yacare – First Look

First look at the Tops Knives Yacare

UST 30 Day Lantern – Does It Last?

Will the UST lantern really last 30 days? See for yourself… video review by EverydayTacticalVids

Tops Knives Brakimo – Video Overview

The Brakimo is one fantastic knife from Tops Knives. Check out the video:

FirstEdge 5050 Survival Knife

When is a survival knife worth over 300 dollars? When it’s this one! The FirstEdge 5050 is truly one of the finest survival knives on the planet.

Bushcraft Overnight Adventure

Here’s a cool Bushcraft video for all you Bushcraft fans. Don’t know what Bushcraft is? Watch and see…

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife: With this knife a new world standard is being set! Technical design, ergonomics, and economy are brought together within the model A1, representing the leading concept available today. The A1 knife meets and exceeds established international standards for strength, personal security and value.

Fallkniven A1 Knife

Fallkniven A1 Knife

Model A1 is a semi-large all-purpose knife for heavy duty use. The powerful blade is made of extremely hard yet tough laminated VG10 steel and will withstand the stress of hard use. The knife is superb to chop with, but also works very well with daily tasks, thanks to the ergonomic grip. The full tang goes entirely through the handle, so you can strike the end of it without breaking the grip. The sturdy black zytel sheath allows you to fasten the knife on your belt or your pack – even upside down. Fallkniven A1 is a water repelling concept which works just as well in extreme cold as in stifling heat.

A1 Zytel Sheath

A1 Zytel Sheath

The Emberlit Stove

Calling all campers and backpackers! New at Makais is this awesome wood powered stainless stove from Emberlit: The Emberlit Stove weighs less than 11.3 oz (316 g) and is constructed of rugged stainless steel. When you compare that to a full canister of fuel and burner, the difference in weight is astounding! The stainless steel EmberLit is impervious to corrosion and remarkably strong. This camping or backpacking stove will hold the weight of any pot or pan that will sit securely without wobble. Like the rest of the EmberLit line, this wood burning stove comes with a lifetime guarantee because you are never going to wear it out. With use, the individual panels that make up the EmberLit may take on a slight warp. This is normal and doesn’t affect the assembly or durability of the stove. Great for camping, backpacking, bushcraft, wilderness survival, and disaster preparation.

Emberlit Stove

Emberlit Stove

Tops Knives Haket

TOPS HAKET Tactical Tomahawk (Hawk and Knife Emergency Tool). May be used as a field hatchet/hawk and pick. When taken apart it becomes a knife/scraper/chopper combo. The Tops Haket Includes an 8 3/8″ overall tactical head (tactical head triple edge) which is a 1095 carbon steel small 1 7/8″ tomahawk blade on one end and a 2 5/8″ knife blade on the other. This tactical head comes with two individual leather sheaths. The blades slide into a slot on the chrome-moly alloy handle and fasten with a special heavy duty bolt. The hollow handle is built to hold numerous survival type items (not included). Haket Handle is 14 7/8″ overall and has an olive drab cord wrap grip and lanyard. Set also comes with an Alligator Alley, 6 7/8″ overall fixed blade knife with 2 1/8″ blade on one end and a pry bar on the other. One piece 1095 carbon steel construction with finger grooved handle. May be used independently or interchanged with the tactical head. Alligator Alley comes with an individual black Kydex® sheath. Complete set fits inside black ballistic nylon carrying pouch. Set weighs approximately 2 1/2 pounds. Certificate of authenticity.


Meal Ready To Eat Sample Kit

Have you ever wondered what a Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) really tastes like? This convenient sample of 1 MRE will tell you! This kit comes complete with heater! Buy 1 to try it out, or better yet buy a few and have them on-hand in case of disaster. MRE’s are a great survival item to keep in the trunk of your car, in your garage, or in your “bug out bag”. They make a nice companion on camping, fishing, and backpacking trips too. An MRE also makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone interested in military or survival products. Now priced at $11.99 for a limited time only. Supplies are limited!


Each Sure Pak meal includes: Entree, Side Dish, Desserts, Cracker Packs, Spreads, Beverages, And Coffees Along With Condiments. Direct From U.S. Government Contractor.

Survival Rig Emergency Water System

Why have a 50 gallon drum in your basement that you can’t carry, that is under 8 feet of flood water, or buried under rubble that once was your home? Instead, you can keep a small, compact Geigerrig emergency water system in your car and/or home that you can throw over your shoulder and walk away from the danger.

emergency-waterThe system sprays so that you can share the water and use the water to clean wounds, hydrate and help others. The in-line filter and water purification tablets allow you to make use of water you find along the way. Just grab the survival rig and go!