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It’s Hammock Season – Have You Tried Hammock Camping?

Ever slept in a hammock? It’s more comfortable than you probably imagine! Check out a Hennessy Hammock at Makais. No need for tent + sleeping pad with a camping hammock.


Swimming With Piranhas

Gift Idea: Prism Snapshot 1.9 Kite

Looking for a high-octane thrill? The Snapshot 1.9 Kite delivers snappy cornering and arm-stretching power that’s truly remarkable for its size. Its elliptical planform and low-drag foil profile will remain inflated through gusts, tight turns and trick recovery. Prism’s most popular size, It also makes an excellent training wing if you plan to move up to larger kites for buggying or kiteboarding. Comes fully equipped with SpectraTM lines, winder, flight straps and tail. Hold on tight and get ready to lay tracks in the sand when you take the Orange Snapshot Kite for a spin on a big wind day. Comes ready to fly with SpectraTM lines pre-attached, flight straps, tail and compact storage pouch.

Prism Snapshot 1.9 Kite Orange Kite

Some Good Changes Coming to Makais

Just a quick update on things at Makais: we’re working on some pretty awesome changes that should be in place in time for spring/summer. Mostly, the changes have to do with your shipping options, and how fast we’ll ship orders. Basically, we are going to start shipping orders FASTER and give you MORE (and better) shipping options. Instead of just offering free ground shipping, we’re going to give you the options of expedited 2 day shipping, or overnight shipping on your orders. And the shipping upgrades won’t cost too much! Orders of $45 or more will still ship free to 48 states! Stay tuned to this blog for more details, coming soon.   🙂

Kerosene Lantern: The Outdoor Alternative to Tiki Torches & Candles

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy spending loads of time outdoors during these fantastic and warm summer months. Summer is already winding down, but don’t let that slow you down from enjoy the last month of so of fabulous summer weather. A lot folks turn to tiki torches or candles when they are looking for non-electric natural light in their backyards or camp sites. At, we have an alternative to suggest! This is an old classic that is making a comeback: The Kerosene Lantern. This type of lantern has been used for literally 100’s of years now. It has stood the test of time as a reliable, functional, and economical source of light. It is a great lantern for backyard gatherings, evening picnics, camping, or anytime you want some inexpensive light outdoors! Kerosene lanterns are also a really great item to have on-hand in case of emergency! If you live in an area with earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, or other natural disasters: you will be happy to have a few of these around with disaster strikes and your electricity is not working.

This is the classic design, kerosene lantern. The lantern measures 12″ tall and made of metal with a wired covered glass globe, full adjustable cotton wick. Holds 8 fl. oz.
Burn Time: approximately 23 hrs (medium flame)
Now, unfortunately we cannot sell you the actual kerosense you’ll need to operate the kerosene lantern. (It’s illegal to ship kerosene) So, I’d suggest you pick up a nice big jug of kerosene at your local hardware or home improvement store. Usually, a big container of kerosene will only run about $5 and will last you for years. Buy of few of these online from us, grab some kerosense at your local hardware store, and you will have years of outdoor light!  🙂 todd

New Coghlan’s Camping Products: Bug Jackets, Camp Knives, First Aid Kits, & Much More!

We’re in the process of adding a whole lot of new Coghlan’s camping products to the website. You’ll find all sorts of classic camping equipment to help you enjoy the great outdoors. Coghlan’s makes just about any little camping or backpacking accessory you might need on/around a campsite this summer. Below are a few pics, but be sure to visit to see much, much, more!

Montague Folding Bikes! Paratrooper, Navigator, SwissBike, Crosstown, Fit, Boston, Paratrooper Pro, & More!

Bicycles that fold have become incredibly popular over the last several years. More and more people are discovering the utility that a folding bike can offer. Additionally, folding bikes are very easy to store, so they are ideal for anyone in a small space: if you live in a small apartment, on a boat, or in a RV, a folding bicycle can be a huge spacesaver! Also, if you like to travel or commute with a bike, having a bike that folds makes it so much easier. At, we sell a lot of the Montague brand folding bikes. Some of the more popular models include: Paratrooper, Navigator, SwissBike X50, Crosstown, & Fit.

If you would like to learn a little more about Montague Bikes, below is a video about the Montague SwissBike X50:

Also, be sure to visit Montague Bikes at to see our current pricing and place your order!

Shogun Belmar Cruiser Bike: Aluminum Frame Beach Cruiser

Introducing The Shogun Belmar Beach Cruiser! New at, and just in time for summer! The Shogun Belmar Aluminum Cruiser comes in 2 styles: Mens or Womens. Both of these beach cruiser bikes are priced at an amazing $169.99 and that price includes FREE shipping to your doorstep! (Regularly $199.99 + Shipping)

The Shogun Belmar Aluminum Cruiser is the ultimate beach cruiser.  With light weight, rust resistant aluminum frame and high quality components, this gorgeous beach cruiser will look great for years to come as well as be easy to ride and handle great. Whether you live in the city or on the board walk, the Belmar Aluminum cruiser is the perfect companion for cruising to the store or the local coffee shop.

New Noc-It Towers Game: Outdoor Fun For Summer!

We recently added an awesome new game for summer over at The new game is called “Noc-It Towers” and its available in 2 versions: the pro set & the players set. This is a very addictive yet very simple outdoor game that is perfect for the beach, tailgaiting, hanging out in the park, or just chilling out in the backyard. You simply set-up the stakes eiter in-ground or on the stands, than let the discs fly at the targets! Try it! It’s a lot of fun.  🙂

Bladez Conquest Treadmill & Bladez Quantum Elliptical

New at today! Bladez Conquest Treadmill & Bladez Quantum Elliptical. Save HUGE off MSRP & get FREE shipping! Just in time for summer: get in shape, look great & feel great!



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