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Evernew Appalachian Titanium Cooking Set


The Appalachian Set is made out of titanium and includes: 550 ml pot, multi-fuel stove, pot stand, and windscreen.  Includes mesh stuff sack.  Set weighs:  5.7 oz.   Dimensions:  3.7″ x 3.4″.  Capacity:  16.9 fl oz.

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Camp Stoves: End of Year Deals!

camp-stoveGive the gift of quality camp stove to the avid camper or backpacker in your life, or just treat yourself to an awesome new stove. We’ve priced all our stoves to sell! Check out the stoves on sale now. Hurry, prices good for a limited time only!

Firebox Stove

Firebox Stove

Firebox Stove

The Folding Firebox Stove (patent pending) is a multi-purpose super tool for fire. It’s a Multi-fuel Cook Stove able to utilize wood and other fuels found in nature, solid fuel tablets, alcohol burners, gel fuels (Sterno), wood pellets or charcoal briquettes. The Folding Firebox’s larger size and sturdy construction makes it stable enough for a large dutch oven yet it can be used with cookware as small as a camping cup. The Folding Firebox Stove is also easy to set up. It effortlessly opens into position, and when it’s time to go it folds flat – ready to slide into your pack. Engineered and Made in the USA. Width: 5.0″ (12.7 cm). Height: 7.5″ (19 cm). Folded: .375″ (.95 cm). Weight: 2 lbs (907 g).

The Emberlit Stove

Calling all campers and backpackers! New at Makais is this awesome wood powered stainless stove from Emberlit: The Emberlit Stove weighs less than 11.3 oz (316 g) and is constructed of rugged stainless steel. When you compare that to a full canister of fuel and burner, the difference in weight is astounding! The stainless steel EmberLit is impervious to corrosion and remarkably strong. This camping or backpacking stove will hold the weight of any pot or pan that will sit securely without wobble. Like the rest of the EmberLit line, this wood burning stove comes with a lifetime guarantee because you are never going to wear it out. With use, the individual panels that make up the EmberLit may take on a slight warp. This is normal and doesn’t affect the assembly or durability of the stove. Great for camping, backpacking, bushcraft, wilderness survival, and disaster preparation.

Emberlit Stove

Emberlit Stove

Optimus Crux Backpacking Stove

Say hello to the Optimus Crux. The Crux a backcountry backpacking stove that provides the ease and simplicity of butane canister cooking, yet folds down to fit into the domed space under the bottom of a butane fuel cartridge. Burner pivots for a very compact package Burns one hour per cartridge. Excellent simmering function. Oversized burner head for even heat distribution. Includes stuff sack. Ignition: Manual, Size: 3.3″ x 2.2″ x 1.2″, Output: 10,200 BTU. The Optimus Crux stove makes a great gift for the backpacker on your shopping list.


Optimus SVEA Stove

The Optimus SVEA – cult stove of the climbing society – is an ultra-classic lightweight gasoline stove in solid brass. It has been around for a century and still sets the standard for compact outdoor cooking equipment. We doubt that any other outdoor stove has been field tested as much as the Optimus SVEA. Widely used by climbers all over the world, the SVEA stove is renowned for its performance at high altitudes. The Optimus SVEA stove is ideal for single ventures, high altitude cooking or whenever stuff volume and weight must be kept to a minimum.. The lid of the stove also serves as a small cooking pot. Weight: 550 g. Measurements: 100 mm x 130 mm. Average burn time: up to 50 minutes at maximum output on one filling (0.12 L) at high output. Average boil time for 1 L of water: 7 minutes depending on climate, altitude, etc. Includes burner with valve and a small pot.

Optimus SVEA StoveOptimus SVEA Stove Cup

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Say No To Gas: The Vargo Titanium Wood Stove

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 3.53.48 PMYou don’t have to use a gas stove when you go backpacking or camping. A simple alternative is this easy to use, super lightweight 4.1 oz titanium wood stove by Vargo. It folds up small, packs light, and is a joy to use. Plus, your camping buddies will be amazed when you whip out something a little out of the ordinary. We give it two thumbs up! Have you ever tried a wood stove like this?

Titanium Decagon Stove: Ultralight 1.2 Ounce Backpacking Stove

If you’re a backpacker obsessed with lightweight gear, you have got to give this titanium decagon stove a serious look. Made by Vargo Outdoors, this small yet highly functional stove is the perfect stove for the ultralight backpacker!

The Decagon Stove is built to withstand the abuse of being used everyday while backpacking or traveling for extended periods. There are no movable parts and its titanium construction make the stove dependable and durable. The large center hole makes filling and lighting the stove a snap. Weighing only 1.2 ounces with a burn time of 20 minutes, the stove is ideal for single entrée meals.