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Blue Bird Heli Boarding

31 Jan

enjoy this video 🙂


Insane Snowboarding in Alaska

12 Oct

The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice – Ep. 1 ALASKA: Seek & Destroy

Pieps DSP Sport Avalanche Beacon

17 Jan

The new Pieps DSP Sport is new for the 2013-2014 ski season and replaces the Pieps DSP Tour model from last year. The Pieps DSP Sport avalanche beacon is the dynamic 3-antenna-beacon for sportive ambitious day tours and freeriding. The big range, ONE single button and the intelligent transmitting system offer best support in every situation. Carrying System: Great comfort and low weight. Neoprene pouch with comfortable strap. Fast pull system for device handling. Lots of new improvements with this new DSP Sport. Some of these improvements include: new housing, better controls, faster searching, new display, improved battery life, new harness, audible indicator, battery status, and best of all: lower price! Get free shipping and buy the Pieps DSP Sport today! If you’re in the market for a new Pieps avalanche beacon, you may also consider the big brother of the DSP Sport: the Pieps DSP Pro.

For more detailed information and current pricing on the Pieps DSP Sport avalanche beacon, visit the product page at Makais, or reference the pieps dsp sport product manual (pdf format).

Gift Ideas For Skiers & Snowboarders

2 Dec

Have a skier on your Holiday shopping list? Here’s a few great gift ideas from Pieps that would bring a smile to the face of any skier or snowboarder…The Pieps Freeride is one of the best selling avalanche beacons on the market today, and is well priced at just $199.95! Order now and get it shipped FREE by Makais.

Pieps Freeride Avalanche Beacon

Pieps Freeride Avalanche Beacon

Pieps Freeride Avalanche Beacon

Pieps Freeride Avalanche Beacon

Pieps Freerider Backpack

Pieps Freerider Backpack

Pieps Myotis Backpack

Pieps Myotis Backpack

Pieps Shovel Tour

Pieps Shovel Tour

Also, here’s a cool stocking stuffer for any lover of the outdoors.

Fresh Powder Last Monday At Mammoth Mountain

22 Mar

If you were fortunate enough to ski/ride the fresh powder last Monday at Mammoth Mountain, congrats! If you did not, watch this video! Prepare to be jealous. Read the full story about this video here.

California Winter Almost Here?

10 Feb

Winter has sure taken it’s time getting here this year! Especially for those of us living out in California, it’s been the absolute worst winter season in terms of rainfall/snowfall. The rest of the country hasn’t been doing much better either. If you like to ski/snowboard, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The good news is that there is some snowfall expected in the mountains early next week. (Mammoth Mountain, specifically) And, according to the “dweebs” at MammothWeather.com, the outlook for March looks wet! We need that snow, not just to play in, but we gotta get that snow melt this summer! Lets hope the whole country has a ‘rockin March with tons of snow and rain. We need it! If you want to geek-out and look at a National radar map, check this out. Pretty cool stuff. Lets hope our ski lifts in California look like this in March:

Tip: skiing backcountry this winter? Don’t forget that avalanche beacon

Are you prepared to hit the slopes?

30 Dec

Not without a pair of our new Bolle Ski Goggles! These goggles deliver performance and protection. With double polycarbonate lenses, they are able to ensure great optical quality. They also feature Bolle’s Flow Tech venting ports, which are designed to reduce fogging, keep air flowing  and prevent clogging from snow and ice. Hit the slopes protected,   in comfort and in style!

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