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Closeout Deal! Ontario SK-5 Black Bird Noir Knife

We’ve got limited stock on the Ontario Black Bird Noir. Black 154 cm blade with black G10 handles, this one is a stunner! Pick one up today! Price WAY below MSRP.


Winter Camping in a Canvas Tent

winter camping with a dog and a woodstove. cool dog! video:

$0.01 Knife Deals: HTM, Kizlyar, Ontario, & More

’tis the season to auction off some excess inventory! if you follow makais on twitter, you may have seen some recent tweets with some top-quality knives being auctioned off on Ebay with $0.01 starting bids! below are links to those auctions.

HTM $0.01 Auction

Kizlyar $0.01 Auction

Ontario $0.01 Auction

be sure to follow us on twitter to keep up with more auction deals coming soon!

Ontario Military Machete

Ontario Knife Company has been manufacturing the 1-18 Machete under U.S. Government specifications for over 60 years. The same high quality machete that our troops expect, can be yours for an unbelievable value! This full tang American made machete can tackle any situation you throw at it! You can take this machete to the jungle, to your campsite, or just use it to clear weeds in your backyard. One thing is for sure: If you own this machete, you will own one of the finest machetes on planet, and it will cost you less than you think! Visit Makais for our current pricing!

Ontario Military Machete

Ontario Military Machete

Ontario SP8 Spec Plus: You Need This On Your Next Camping Trip

Ontario SP8 Spec Plus

At first glance, you might not know what the heck to do with this Ontario SP8 knife. What is it? Is it a knife? Is it a machete? Is it an axe? Is it a crowbar? What the heck? These are all good questions. This knife looks strange, and works strangely well at many things! You can use it as a saw, as a machete, or as an axe, or as a pry tool, or a knife…and best of all it comes with a super sturdy sheath so you can wear this bad boy on your hip. This is one seriously tool that means business! A must have on any camping trip! This knife is also very versatile in a variety of military, law enforcement, and rescue applications. Best of all, it is proudly made in the U.S.A.