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Helle Holken – Limited Edition Knife – Coming April 2018

27 Mar

Be on the lookout for the limited edition Helle Holken coming soon to Makais  🙂


Helle Dokka | Norwegian Folding Knife

6 Nov

The Helle Dokka is such a beautiful and ridiculously well crafted folding knife, we have a hard time keeping this Helle knife in stock! Helle isn’t known for folding knives (the Dokka is their first folder), but ever since they introduced the Helle Dokka, it has been a runaway success. I believe the success of the Dokka knife will cause Helle to produce more folding knives in the future. Would you like to see Helle produce more new models of folding knives? For some additional info on this knife, check out the Dokka product leaflet from Helle.

Helle Dokka Closed

Helle Dokka Closed

Helle Dokka Sheath

Helle Dokka Sheath

Helle Dokka Knife

Helle Dokka Knife

Helle Taiga Knife

25 Jun

Want a big bad Norwegian knife? Check out the Helle Taiga! From the manufacturer: “The Taiga is a big working knife suited for larger hands. The handle of colored birch is well shaped for a comfortable grip. It is a big knife with a blade of triple laminated stainless steel. Even for a big knife it does not feel cumbersome. It comes with a traditional pouch sheath with a belt loop. It is a nice package.” As with all Helle Knives, this awesome knife is handmade in Norway and is the absolute finest quality. Although the Helle brand is somewhat new in the North American market, Helle has been hand making knives in Norway since the 1930’s! To learn more about this Norwegian Helle Taiga knife and to see our current pricing, visit Makais.

Helle Taiga Knife

Helle Taiga Knife


Helle Harmoni Norwegian Knife

31 Oct

Helle Harmoni. Outstanding quality knife with a classic yet modern style from Norway! The Helle Harmoni is a part of a series of Helle knives done in a contemporary style. The Harmoni blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel with a handle of curly birch and walnut with leather spacers. There is a small guard on the handle providing security. It comes with a pouch type sheath reinforced with a metal band without any need for snaps or straps to securely hold the knife.

HarmoniHarmoni-sheathThe Helle Harmoni has a triple laminted steel blade with a curly birch and walnut handle. This knife, or any other from Helle, would make a wonderful gift!

Wingsuit Flying Norwegian Mountains

22 Jun

Loic Jean-Albert jumps off Norwegian mountains and goes wingsuit flying! Absolutely crazy. See yourself in this video…

Featured Knife: The Norwegian Helle Alden

31 Mar

Helle Alden. Design: Gunnar Lothe, 2009. Blade: 106mm Stainless Sandvik 12c27 knife steel with full tang. Handle: Masurian birch, stainless metalplates, full tang. Sheath: 127mm Dark brown, real leather.

Helle Alden

Helle Knives: No Shortcuts To Perfection Video

17 Nov

Helle has just put out a cool new video on video called “there are no shortcuts to perfection”. Check out the video. It gives a good glimpse into the operations of these very unique maker of Norwegian knives.

New Helle Knives: Fire, Wind, Futura, Steinbit, Brakar, Symfoni, Harmoni, Folkekniven, and Many More!

21 Oct

Well folks, Makais.com is now officially one of the very best places online to shop genuine Norwegian made Helle Knives! As of today, you can now shop many more handmade knives from Helle. These are VERY limited availability knives and are hard to get. If you want to get a unique gift for somebody this Christmas (or any other occasion) check out a handmade Helle Knife from Norway! The Helle Futura is one of my favorites. I also really like the Helle Alden and the Odel Knife. Check out some of the photos below. These are very very very very nice knives!

Helle Knives From Norway: Eggen, Fjellkniven, GT, Harding, Hellefisk, Viking

8 Oct

A few days ago I posted about how excited I was to receive a Helle Harding knife, and I had mentioned that Helle Knives just might be for sale soon at Makais.com. Well, that has already happened! These gorgeous handmade knives from Norway are now available for sale at Makais.com! We’ve got six great different models to choose from. These are some of the top sellers from Helle! We’ve got the following knives: Helle Eggen, Helle Fjellkniven, Helle GT, Helle Harding, Helle Hellefisk, & Helle Viking. If you like knives, you will absolutely love Helle. The pictures on our website just do not do these knives justice, but check out some of the photos below. I have also embedded a cool video I found of a review of the Helle Harding.

Helle Harding Knife

5 Oct

I was delighted today when I got a suprise in the mail from a very nice company, kind enough to ship us a Harding knife sample from Helle, a Norwegian company that manufacturers the highest quality knives! Normally I don’t get so excited about a product sample, but this knife just struck me as rather unique. Each Helle knife goes through up to 45 different manual processes before it is completed. Looking at this knife today in my hands, the craftsmanship of these knives is just spectacular. Check out some of the pictures I took. The cylinder-shaped box the knife comes in is also very attractive and well packaged.

The Helle Harding knife is an American style drop point hunter knife with a Norwegian accent. The knife features a triple layered laminated stainless steel blade, American Walnut & Birch wood handle, and a dark brown leather sheath. The sturdy sheath has the Noric style keeper strap that engages a stud on the pommel of the knife. The stud helps prevent you from losing the knife, yet keeps the knife instantly available. (reminds me of the snap-in on a gun holster) This is a beautiful knife. Blade length is 3.94 inches (10.0 cm), and the handle measures 4.33 inches. (11.0 cm).