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Tops Knives Brakimo

20 Feb

Check out some pics of the outstanding Tops Knives Brakimo. Also here’s a video overview.

Du-Star Knives From Israel

2 Feb

Du-Star makes some impressive knives that are the first of their kind coming out of Israel. View Du-Star knives here.


From the Du-star company:

The DUSTAR Model 1 – Arad is the first-ever fixed-blade, heavy duty, all purpose utility/field/combat knife conceived, designed, tested, perfected and manufactured entirely in Israel.The knife was manufactured entirely by CNC technology.
Based on a classic design on the one hand and on extensive practical combat and outdoors experience on the other hand, this premium quality knife is made from the best materials and manufactured to the most demanding standards in the metal processing industry.
The knife was designed by Alex Shamgar, a renowned Israeli custom knife designer and maker; and manufactured by Sherutay Erozia, an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of molds and dies since 1984.

New For 2017 Hultafors Knives

31 Jan

All-new for 2017 Hultafors Knives coming soon to Makais


Quartermaster Knives – The General Lee 2

25 Jan

The General Lee 2 by Quartermaster. Video overview by coyotetrails.

Renegade Tactical Steel – Moneyclip Knife

25 Jan

Renegade Tactical Steel – Moneyclip Knife. Video overview by swissbianco

Stone River Gear – 2 Blade Ceramic & Stainless Knife

24 Jan

Interesting 2-blade Stone River knife with a ceramic and stainless blade in one knife. Video by Stone River Ceramics.

Stedemon SHY IV Tanto Folder Knife

24 Jan

check out the Stedemon SHY IV Tanto. video review of this stedemon knife by Wavester64

Spyderco Slysz Bowie

23 Jan

Great bowie folder: Spyderco Slysz Bowie – Video review by Nick Shabazz

Ka-Bar Jarosz Choppa

23 Jan

New for 2017: Ka-Bar Jarosz Choppa. Video footage by Gideons Tactical from Shot Show 2017.

Zero Tolerance Knives

19 Jan

Designed and manufactured to stand up to heavy-duty use, Zero Tolerance Knives are built of premium materials. The knives have earned a reputation among their devoted fans as being a “real beast” or even being—proudly—”overbuilt”.