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Inventory Reduction Sale – Take A Look

We’re sitting on a little too much inventory…good news for all you bargain hunters out there. Every day we’re adding new stuff to our Ebay store. You’ll find the best deals if you look at our auctions…we’re running tons of auctions with very low starting prices and free shipping. Check out what’s new on Ebay and snag-a-deal. Many of the auction starting prices are well below our cost. Happy bidding!

Black Saturday! Shop 100’s of Deals All Weekend Long!

Our annual Black Friday Sale Event continues! Shop all weekend long for some of the best deals you’ll find anywhere on sports & outdoors products! Hurry, inventory is limited and these deals will not last forever.

Warehouse News: Getting Organized With Bulk Storage Shelving

Anytime we are making changes in the warehouse, it’s usually because orders are accelerating and we need to make changes! Business is picking up, so changes to the warehouse must be made. Keeping things organized and running smoothly are essential for growth. The latest change we made was purchasing some heavy duty bulk storage shelving. The shelves are 4 feet deep and can handle tons of weight! (literally) These shelves are in the inventory receiving/shipping area of our warehouse. They will mostly be used to store and organize shipping supplies such as packing tape, bubble mailers, boxes, pallets, and other assorted warehouse materials. The nice thing about these shelves is that  you can easily add-on more shelving on to the end if you require more storage space in the future. If you’ll look at the picture, you’ll notice we found a clever parking spot for our pallet stacker. It was actually hard to find a “home” for that thing. I’m glad we found a clever place to park that pallet stacker, so it is out of the way but still easily accessed. What do you think of the new shelves?  😉

Bulk Storage Shelving

Warehouse News: Pallets Galore! New Pallet Truck Scale & Pallet Truck

Here is another sneak peek inside the humble inventory receiving warehouse. We recently took delivery of a shiny new pallet truck scale. While this might not be entirely exciting for you, it is very very exciting for us here! Why you ask? Well, have you ever tried to weigh a pallet? It is tough! With a pallet truck scale, weighing a full pallet of inventory is a cinch! You simply slide the pallet truck under the pallet, jack up the pallet, and it gives you the weight of the entire pallet. This is incredibly useful when you are shipping out freight.

We also recently picked up an additional pallet truck, to help shuttle pallets of inventory around our warehouse. Having the right equipment for material handling in our warehouse is a big help! Also, in the corner of our warehouse we have got a nice size pallet stack at-the-ready, so we can ship out pallets of inventory when we need to. (yes, we do ship out some large loads!)

Warehouse News: Our New Electric Pallet Stacker

Here is a “sneak peek” inside the inventory receiving area of the warehouse. Today we took delivery of an electric powered pallet stacker. This is a simple but highly needed little piece of equipment. It simply raises and lowers pallets via an electric motor. It is sort of a compact electric forklift. If you have ever worked in a warehouse, you know how handy these kinds of tools can be! Check out the pic.

Electric Pallet Stacker

Inside The New Office is in the process of moving into a new main office that is attached to a small warehouse used for receiving, processing, and “testing” (playing with) new inventory. We have a little extra space right now at one end of the facility, so check out what we decided to do with the extra space (see below pic)…I’m thinking we might want to keep some spare light bulbs on hand? Any ideas on other fun stuff we should be doing instead of working?  🙂

basketball hoop

hoops anyone?