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Ruike Knives Now In Stock At Makais

8 May

Have you tried a Ruike knife yet? These knives offer a heck of a bang for the buck. They feel and perform like knives costing much more. We hear nothing but good things from customers about these! Give a Ruike a try!



Ruike Hussar P121 Black Knife

16 Nov

Another new Ruike knife at Makais! The Ruike Hussar P121

Clearance Sale Deal: Zero Tolerance 0620 Tanto Knife

5 Jul

Limited stock available of this American made Zero Tolerance Tanto! Regular price $250. Buy one now before they’re gone!


Deejo Rosewood Folding Knife – 1.3 oz Weight

6 Dec

These little Deejo knives are so lightweight you’d barely notice it is in your pocket! Snag a deal on this one in our Ebay store.

Kizer Knives – Folding Knives by Kizer Cutlery

24 Feb

Kizer Cutlery (also known as Kizer Knives) makes some very attractive knives! Check out some of the many pictures we have of Kizer Cutlery knives below…and shop Kizer knives at Makais.

Kizer brand website

Shop Kizer knives

HTM Knives – Hand Tech Made

21 Feb

HTM Knives are designed to be high quality & won’t break the bank. For the money, they made a heck of a knife. Check some of ’em out below, and shop HTM Knives at Makais.

Helle Dokka | Norwegian Folding Knife

6 Nov

The Helle Dokka is such a beautiful and ridiculously well crafted folding knife, we have a hard time keeping this Helle knife in stock! Helle isn’t known for folding knives (the Dokka is their first folder), but ever since they introduced the Helle Dokka, it has been a runaway success. I believe the success of the Dokka knife will cause Helle to produce more folding knives in the future. Would you like to see Helle produce more new models of folding knives? For some additional info on this knife, check out the Dokka product leaflet from Helle.

Helle Dokka Closed

Helle Dokka Closed

Helle Dokka Sheath

Helle Dokka Sheath

Helle Dokka Knife

Helle Dokka Knife

Ontario RAT Folding Satin Plain Edge Knife

17 Apr

Sometimes you come across a product for sale and you scratch your head wondering why the price is so low? A low price doesn’t always mean a cheap product. Quite honestly, I’m amazed we can offer you this knife for such a low price, but we can! (while supplies last) This Ontario folding knife can easily compete with knives costing $100 or more! It’s a great everyday carry knife, or makes a fantastic tool to bring along on any outdoor adventure. It is simple, practical, and robust. The build quality on this knife is amazing, the steel is outstanding, and it just feels great in your hand! Buy one today for the rock-bottom price of just $26.49! Fathers day is just around the corner, and this knife would make an excellent gift.

Ontario Knife Randalls Adventure Plain 8848