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Makais Deals On Ebay

ebayWe don’t normally sell a lot of products on Ebay, but right now we’re auctioning off a number of products with $0.01 starting bids on Ebay! NOW is your chance to grab a great deal. Check out the deals. Currently, we have a number of knives up for auction, with more products coming soon, so stay tuned.

For more great deals, visit our website, or our Amazon store. Happy shopping! Website Mobile Optimized

The Makais store is now optimized for mobile devices, so the entire website is finally much more cell phone friendly! Check it out on your cell, and if you see any bugs, please let us know.

Some Good Changes Coming to Makais

Just a quick update on things at Makais: we’re working on some pretty awesome changes that should be in place in time for spring/summer. Mostly, the changes have to do with your shipping options, and how fast we’ll ship orders. Basically, we are going to start shipping orders FASTER and give you MORE (and better) shipping options. Instead of just offering free ground shipping, we’re going to give you the options of expedited 2 day shipping, or overnight shipping on your orders. And the shipping upgrades won’t cost too much! Orders of $45 or more will still ship free to 48 states! Stay tuned to this blog for more details, coming soon.   🙂 Approved By STELLAService

Good news! has been approved by STELLAService. Woo hoo! We have joined an elite list of online stores that are STELLA worthy! If you are wondering what the heck STELLAService is, you can read more about it here.  🙂

Warehouse News: Getting Organized With Bulk Storage Shelving

Anytime we are making changes in the warehouse, it’s usually because orders are accelerating and we need to make changes! Business is picking up, so changes to the warehouse must be made. Keeping things organized and running smoothly are essential for growth. The latest change we made was purchasing some heavy duty bulk storage shelving. The shelves are 4 feet deep and can handle tons of weight! (literally) These shelves are in the inventory receiving/shipping area of our warehouse. They will mostly be used to store and organize shipping supplies such as packing tape, bubble mailers, boxes, pallets, and other assorted warehouse materials. The nice thing about these shelves is that  you can easily add-on more shelving on to the end if you require more storage space in the future. If you’ll look at the picture, you’ll notice we found a clever parking spot for our pallet stacker. It was actually hard to find a “home” for that thing. I’m glad we found a clever place to park that pallet stacker, so it is out of the way but still easily accessed. What do you think of the new shelves?  😉

Bulk Storage Shelving

Q1 U.S. Retail E-Commerce Spending Up 12 Percent

Do you feel like you have been shopping more online this year than last year? Well, you probably have been. (I know I have been.) Bought some sporting goods, perhaps? The most recent stats suggest that online retail spending (Internet wide) is up 12% for 2011 over 2010. Total online retail spending for Q1 was $38 billion. The question you might ask today is, what can’t you buy online? 🙂 Cheers to e-commerce. To read more check out the comScore press release. Happy online shopping! Still Offering No Strings Attached Free Shipping

This post is just a friendly reminder to you that we are still offering 100% free shipping on absolutely everything at to 48 states with no strings attached! It gets a little tricky for us to offer free shipping on really low priced items without any order minimums, but we are still doing it! How long will it last? (honestly, maybe not forever…better snatch up some hot deals while you still can) Head on over to and scoop up some fantastic deals with no shipping charges, and you’ll only have to pay sales tax if your order is shipped to California. Enjoy the deals!

Inside The New Office is in the process of moving into a new main office that is attached to a small warehouse used for receiving, processing, and “testing” (playing with) new inventory. We have a little extra space right now at one end of the facility, so check out what we decided to do with the extra space (see below pic)…I’m thinking we might want to keep some spare light bulbs on hand? Any ideas on other fun stuff we should be doing instead of working?  🙂

basketball hoop

hoops anyone?

FREE Upgraded Shipping Today at

Get Upgraded Shipping Today: FREE!

If you are like me, you probably still have a little Holiday shopping to do. Here’s some great news: if you place a “free shipping” order today at, we’ll automatically upgrade your order to our “standard shipping” option, which normally costs an additional $7.95 per order. As a gift to all you last minute shoppers, we’re waiving the fee on this shipping option: today only! Place your order online TODAY and get it there in time for Christmas!