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Bear Chases Mountain Bikers In Slovakia

12 May

WOW watch this


Lake Berryessa Glory Hole – Spillway Overflow

20 Feb

Drone footage at Lake Berryessa

PowerTac 10,500 Lumens Flashlight

14 Feb

for when 10,000 lumens is just not enough  😉

find flashlights at Makais

This Kid Is Nuts

14 Feb

here is James Kingston doing his thing in Dubai

How To Live Happy – Sam Berns

10 Feb

Sam Berns (R.I.P.) is/was amazing. Watch his Ted Talk:

Natural Bodybuilding: Become the best version of yourself

10 Feb

From the man who has bench pressed over 10 million kilos… Mischa Janiec


Quartermaster Knives – The General Lee 2

25 Jan

The General Lee 2 by Quartermaster. Video overview by coyotetrails.

Stealth Cam PX 18 Trail Cam

25 Jan

Jim O’Meara talks Stealth Cam with a review of the PX 18…

Snugpak Basecamp Ops Sleeper Expedition Sleeping Bag

25 Jan

Snugpak Basecamp Ops Sleeper Expedition Sleeping Bag – video overview by TheOutdoorGearReview

Renegade Tactical Steel – Moneyclip Knife

25 Jan

Renegade Tactical Steel – Moneyclip Knife. Video overview by swissbianco