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LionSteel Knives From Italy

LionSteel Knives (also known as Lion Steel) are very good quality brand out of Italy. Since 1969 LionSteel has produced some of the highest quality knives on the market today. Check out some many photos of LionSteel knives below, and be sure to check the Makais online store and see what current models of Lion Steel we carry.


Here’s a little bit about the company, as described by LionSteel themselves:

“Lion Steel Knives was founded in in 1969 in Maniago, Italy by Gino Pauletta and his wife Cesarina. The company continues today under the direction of their sons; Gianni, Daniele and Massimo. The brand Lionsteel was inspired from a lion steel sculpture, handmade by Gino’s grandfather.

The family-owned Italian company made great strides in quality with a large investment in top-of-the-line machinery. Lionsteel Knives continues to introduce designs that are advances in technology and quality. The Lion Steel SR-1 knife is the first production folding knife to include a full integral titanium handle! The process to create an integral handle in titanium is both time consuming and requires extensive machinery tool investments. The result is a stunning knife that is both extremely attractive yet incredibly strong. The Lionsteel knife model SR-1 was awarded the coveted “Most Innovative Imported Design” at the 2010 Blade Show in Atlanta. same award in 2012 with the knife T3 made in collaboration with DPG Gear. “Most Innovative Imported Design 2012”.
During the Blade Show 2014 in atlanta we won other two awards. “Best Manufacturing Quality Award 2014” and “OverAll Knife of the Year 2014″.

The philosophy of Lion Steel knife company is to produce the knives using the highest quality materials and world class quality control.”


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