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72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit

72-hour-meal-kitThe Mountain House 72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit is an excellent product to have in your home just in case! Not just for emergencies, this convenient kit also makes an excellent companion for any weekend camping or backpacking getaway! To help you prepare for an emergency, there is the Mountain House complete 72-hour food unit of Mountain House freeze dried foods consisting of three (3) full meals a day for 1 adult person. This “just in case” kit starts you and your family off on the road to disaster preparedness, and gives you the satisfaction of knowing you won’t go hungry in an emergency. If you want to store the best, look no further than Mountain House. Now priced at just $54.99. Buy one for each member of your family, and you can feel assured that you are better prepared for when disaster strikes.

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  1. Lorri #

    A wilderness survival kit without this indispensable food products are
    not really a wilderness survival kit at all. You can also use the
    headlight of the ATV as a signaling device. Regardless of the particular type of emergency, planning ahead and having
    the necessary supplies to make it through the first several days of
    the crisis is extremely important.

    April 24, 2013

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