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Weightlifting While Camping: Tips To Stay In Shape On Camping Trips

Keeping up your weight lifting routine is hard enough, add a camping trip in the middle of the wilderness and now it seems almost impossible! For those of us who love to weight lift and cannot get enough of it, a trip like this without lifting any weights seems unreasonable. You want to go camping but you do not want to give up  your passion for even a short period of time. Lugging around heavy dumbbells or some sort of training program seems inconvenient and inefficient. Not to worry, alternatives do exist!

You can do several things to replicate weight lifting while in the wilderness.  If you would like to get a good leg workout in, no problem. If you can, find a decent sized branch or log you can carry on your shoulders. Now you can do walking lunges or squats. Feel the wilderness burn baby! Hiking up hill will also test your leg muscles and prove to be a challenge.  You could also Grab a large rock and hold it against your chest and do squats this way. Heck, you could even put your kid on your shoulders if worst comes to worst.

What about your back and biceps? No problem, find a nice sturdy branch that you can reach and jump up and grab it like a pull up bar. This may hurt your hands, so gloves would be helpful in this situation. Now rep out those pull ups until your lat muscles are pumping with blood! How’s that for some beastly wilderness fitness! You could also chop firewood to really work your shoulders, traps, back, and forearms.

Canoeing would definitely be a good arm and shoulder workout, and probably good cardiovascular activity as well. The constant paddling will put a burn on you like you have never experienced. As you can see,  camping does not stop you from weight lifting and working out. If you really love to lift weights, you will make do with what you got and hike your way to the top!

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