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Takara Kabuto Single Speed Bike: The Best Bike Deal We Have Right Now!

Lots of savvy bike shoppers have already purchased the incredible, amazing, and fantastically priced Takara Kabuto single speed bike! Will you be next? If you’re in the market for a value priced single speed road bike, check out the Takara Kabuto at! (this bike is a single speed with a flip-flop hub. this bike rides fixed gear or freewheel) This bike is EASILY the absolute best bike deal we have going right now! Currently priced below $200 with free shipping, it is the sort of deal that shouldn’t require too much thought to purchase! Quantities are limited though, and as the Holiday approaches we do anticipate to sell-out. So, if you’re thinking of giving the Takara Kabuto as a gift this Christmas, I highly recommend purchasing the bike now, and tucking it away until it’s time to give as a gift. If you wait and try to buy this bike in December, we will most likely be sold out. Also, I’m not sure how much longer we can keep the price this low! Buy the Takara Kabuto bike today!  🙂

As with any new bike purchase, don’t forget the lock! The last thing you want is that fresh new Kabuto getting stolen!

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