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Warehouse News: Getting Organized With Bulk Storage Shelving

Anytime we are making changes in the warehouse, it’s usually because orders are accelerating and we need to make changes! Business is picking up, so changes to the warehouse must be made. Keeping things organized and running smoothly are essential for growth. The latest change we made was purchasing some heavy duty bulk storage shelving. The shelves are 4 feet deep and can handle tons of weight! (literally) These shelves are in the inventory receiving/shipping area of our warehouse. They will mostly be used to store and organize shipping supplies such as packing tape, bubble mailers, boxes, pallets, and other assorted warehouse materials. The nice thing about these shelves is that  you can easily add-on more shelving on to the end if you require more storage space in the future. If you’ll look at the picture, you’ll notice we found a clever parking spot for our pallet stacker. It was actually hard to find a “home” for that thing. I’m glad we found a clever place to park that pallet stacker, so it is out of the way but still easily accessed. What do you think of the new shelves?  😉

Bulk Storage Shelving

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