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It’s Never Too Early To Start Christmas Shopping

Believe it or not, it’s only September and we are already getting some customers asking about Christmas gifts at Yes, Christmas gifts! The Holidays might be 3 months away, but some shoppers are shopping early to relieve all that Holiday shopping stress. Plus, if you do your Christmas shopping early, sometimes you can snag deals on products that might go up a bit in price once the busy season rolls around. High demand during the busy shopping time just after Thanksgiving tends to drive some prices up. Why not try and shop early during September or October? What about you? Do you plan to do some early shopping? What kind of gifts are you looking for this year?

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  1. Steve DeVane #

    I agree that the Christmas shopping season is getting shorter and shorter. I expect it will be in full swing shortly after Halloween this year. Perhaps the increase in online shopping has something to do with it, since you usually have to think about shipping time. At any rate, I know I’m already thinking about what I’ll be buying as Christmas presents this year.

    October 8, 2011

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