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Deal Alert! Giordano Rapido Road Bike Now Only $199.99

Have you ever ridden a fixed gear (single speed) road bike? Umm…it is pretty much awesome! Since I last posted about the Giordano Rapido, the sales response at for this bike has been incredible. Lots of savvy Internet shoppers realized that a great quality flip-flop hub fixed gear road bike priced under $250 with free shipping was one heck of a value. Well, we decided that the old price of $239.95 was not good enough. We want to offer our customers a deal so good, it’s hard to pass up. So here is the new deal on this bike: The Giordano Rapido Road Bike is now priced at only $199.99. This price includes FREE shipping to 48 states. Supplies are limited, and this price will not last forever. So if you want this deal, you better act fast. Here’s the link to buy the bike: Giordano Rapido Road Bike. Feast your eyes on some photos of this beautiful Giordano bike below…

Got a question about this bike? Leave a comment or question on this post or head over to the support center and a friendly customer service representative will help you out!  We’re here to help.  ALOHA.  🙂

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