What is the best water purifier for hiking & backpacking?

16 Aug

When it comes to water purifiers, which is the best? With so many water purifiers on the market, it’s hard to choose… but this one might win the award! Made by General Ecology, The First Need XL is one of the very best water purifiers you can buy. Sure, you can spend a lot more money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting a better filter. Seriously, this thing rocks.

First Need Water Purifier

First Need XL Water Purifier

The most effective portable at any price. Effective against cryptosporidia, bacteria and viruses; unmatched in removing harmful chemicals. Increased purification capacity, more secure hose fittings for backwashing. “Direct Connect” to most water bottles and hydration packs, flexible sanitary cap directly attached to pump cover, longer tubing, rugged, comfortable handle, greater capacity and fastest flow of all. Self-cleaning prefilter and gravity assist system included. No iodine needed! Output: 1.8 qt/min. Cartridge capacity: 125 gal. Weight: 15 oz

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One Response to “What is the best water purifier for hiking & backpacking?”

  1. Kalli and Bill August 16, 2011 at 7:10 am #

    oh this looks so great!

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