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Do You Want “6 Pack” Abs?

If you’re like a LOT of people, you would love to have a stomach that more closely resembled a washboard than a watermelon. 😉  There are tons of gimmicky products on the market that will claim to give you abs of steel in no time at all! Well, the simple truth is that getting washboard “6 Pack” abs takes a lot of hard work. And, if you have a simple exercise tool or two to help you achieve those killer abs, there are some tools out there that are not gimmicks…Where am I going with this you wonder? Ok, so here is the deal. Over at we sell an ab wheel. Not just any ab wheel. This is the ab wheel of all ab wheels! It’s simple, functional, and bulletproof. (We have not shot at it, but it seems like it would fare well under fire). Anyway, if you want to tone your abs and are looking for an inexpensive way to do it…definitely take a close look at the Valeo Ab Wheel. Priced well below $20 and ships free! It’s a great alternative to just doing sit-ups and crunches. I’m not saying that an ab wheel is the magic bullet, but you’ll see more results and faster! It works your shoulders, arms, and back too – not just those abs. If you want to try this, hurry up and buy it soon, supplies are limited. (seriously, I’m not just saying that)   🙂 todd

Valeo Ab Wheel

Valeo Dual Ab Wheel

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