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Warehouse News: Pallets Galore! New Pallet Truck Scale & Pallet Truck

Here is another sneak peek inside the humble inventory receiving warehouse. We recently took delivery of a shiny new pallet truck scale. While this might not be entirely exciting for you, it is very very exciting for us here! Why you ask? Well, have you ever tried to weigh a pallet? It is tough! With a pallet truck scale, weighing a full pallet of inventory is a cinch! You simply slide the pallet truck under the pallet, jack up the pallet, and it gives you the weight of the entire pallet. This is incredibly useful when you are shipping out freight.

We also recently picked up an additional pallet truck, to help shuttle pallets of inventory around our warehouse. Having the right equipment for material handling in our warehouse is a big help! Also, in the corner of our warehouse we have got a nice size pallet stack at-the-ready, so we can ship out pallets of inventory when we need to. (yes, we do ship out some large loads!)

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