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Mil-Spec Paracord

ACU Digi Camo Paracord Bundle

There are literally thousands of uses for paracord, if you have cord of high quality. The new Rothco Mil-Spec 550 paracord being sold in 50ft and 100ft lengths by is a great example of this.

Paracord is perfect for use in almost any situation where lightweight but strong cordage is needed. Some typical uses might include using as dummy cords to avoid losing small or important items, lashing gear to vehicle racks, or running a ridge-line for securing a tarp between two trees.

ACU Digi Camo Paracord Lanyard

In addition to purely utility functions, paracord can be used to fashion knotted or braided survival bracelets, knife lanyards, belts, cord handle wraps for small tools, and countless other decorative items. When threaded with beads, paracord can easily be used as a set of Ranger beads or pace counter beads to estimate ground distance covered by foot.

The seven inner strands of the core (commonly referred to as “the guts”) can also be removed when finer cordage is needed, for instance as sewing thread to repair gear or fishing line in a survival situation. The nylon outer sheath is often used alone, the yarn in the core removed, when a thinner or less elastic cord is needed – the outer sheath works perfectly for emergency or heavy duty shoelaces. To avoid fraying, the ends of the cord (both the inner strands and the sheath) are almost always melted with a match or lighter and crimped.

Strands inside Paracord

If you’re looking for high quality, Mil-Spec paracord for a particular project or just to have handy, check out the new Rothco brand paracord at It is available in several different colors including the ACU digi-camo as shown here.

Note: this is a guest post by Brian Green. Be sure to check out Brian’s backpacking blog.

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