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The Only Thing Better Than a Spork: SCORK!

Listen up sporks fans, I know you love thy beloved sporks. This masterful utensil satisfies your desires to stab and scoop. With your spork in hand, you can eat with reckless abandon as you sit on a rock in the wilderness, or as you sit in your dorm room, or at home, or wherever you get sporky. If you’re ready to step-up your game and move up beyond the spork, check out THE SCORK! Not just any scork mind you, this is a stainless steel scork from Vargo. But what is this scork you ask? Well there spork lover, the scork is similar to a spork, but the scork is a spoon, and a fork, and a can opener! Yes, you can rip open that can of beans and eat it with the same device. Seriously though, this is very useful to have a can opener on the end of your utensil. Why aren’t more sporks, scorks?



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  1. Mary #

    This is hilarious! I do love to get sporky!
    Have you heard about <>?? It’s amazing. Sporks fans unite!

    January 10, 2011

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