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The Finest Backpacking Cutlery: Esbit Foldable Titanium Spoon, Knife, Fork, & Spork

When you head out on a backpacking trip and need to bring some cutlery (utensils). What do you bring? Chances are, you bring some crappy camping fork and knife, or maybe a heavy spork you picked up at Walmart or Target or something. If you are cheap like me, you might just pull a couple of standard issue silverware out of the kitchen and pretend it is suitable for camping…it is not! If you are backpacking, you need something lightweight. You need something that takes up minimal space. The folding titanium cutlery from Esbit solves all your backpacking cutlery problems. This stuff is top-quality, ultra lightweight, and packs very small. Check ’em out!

Titanium Spork

Titanium Spork To The Rescue!

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