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Headlamps! Black Diamond, Pelican, Princeton Tec, & More!

head lamps


I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER dream of going on a camping or backpacking trip without my trusted headlamp. Some people have this impression that wearing a headlamp is geeking or somehow not-cool. Ok, a headlamp is maybe not the coolest fashion accessory! I defnitely don’t want to be walking around town with my headlamp on. But the fashion rules of the city do NOT apply in the mountains. When I’m sitting on a wood log fiddling with my backpacking stove trying to make a decent meal in the dark, I count on my headlamp to light the way. Have you ever tried pitching a tent in the dark? With a headlamp, you’ll have both hands free to work, while the light on your head magically throws off the perfect amount of light. Do yourself a favor and get a decent headlamp! They are handy in the mountains, or anyplace else where fashion is not a concern.  🙂


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