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How To Light A Charcoal BBQ

Weber Charcoal BBQ

I don’t know about you, but when I BBQ outdoors, I prefer to cook on charcoal. I like charcoal for the simple reason that the flavor is better, but the BBQ experience is also better. Flicking the switch on a gas grill is just not the same as firing up some old fashioned charcoal briquettes and cooking your meat over some raging hot coals. I like to cook on a Weber grill (pictured) and maybe you do too? Now, a lot of people avoid cooking on charcoal because they claim it is “too hard” or they don’t like to “wait” for the grill to get hot. Well listen up barbecue fans, I’m going to spill my 2 secrets on how I get my grill very hot, very fast, and I don’t use any lighter fluid or magical gadgets to get the grill going. Here’s the first secret:

Charcoal Starter

Secret #1: You need to use a charcoal starter to get the coals going. I recommend you use the Weber Rapidfire. The charcoal starter simply uses nothing more than a little newspaper stuffed in the bottom! No lighter fluid, and that means no nasty lighter fluid taste on your meat. When you light the coals with newspaper, your meat will taste better and be healthier too. I say healthy, because I can’t imagine meat tasting like lighter fluid is good for you. Just make sure that you are using newspaper that is dry, clean, and don’t use any of those shiny/glossy junk pages.

Okay, now here is the next secret to lighting a charcoal BBQ:

Vegetable Oil

Secret #2: Vegetable Oil! Yep, that’s right. Just some ordinary everyday vegetable oil. What you want to do is use just 1 sheet of regular newspaper (2 sheets if you are using a small size newspaper) and then spatter just a small amount of oil on the paper. Somewhere around a teaspoon of oil spattered on the paper should do the trick. Then, crumple the paper loosely and stick it in the bottom of your charcoal starter. The oil will help the paper burn better, and you’ll use less paper this way. If you don’t use the oil, you might get frustrated by your paper burning out early. The oil is the magic. The oil is the secret. Now go along young barbecue Jedi…use these secrets I have given you to enjoy a charcoal BBQ. And, if you are a gas grill snob and refuse to use a charcoal bbq: have you tried this method of lighting the charcoal? It’s easy! If you use this little trick that teaches you how to light a charcoal bbq, you just might decide to give charcoal briquettes another shot!

Any comments on this? Please feel free to drop one below.

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