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Helle Harding Knife

I was delighted today when I got a suprise in the mail from a very nice company, kind enough to ship us a Harding knife sample from Helle, a Norwegian company that manufacturers the highest quality knives! Normally I don’t get so excited about a product sample, but this knife just struck me as rather unique. Each Helle knife goes through up to 45 different manual processes before it is completed. Looking at this knife today in my hands, the craftsmanship of these knives is just spectacular. Check out some of the pictures I took. The cylinder-shaped box the knife comes in is also very attractive and well packaged.

The Helle Harding knife is an American style drop point hunter knife with a Norwegian accent. The knife features a triple layered laminated stainless steel blade, American Walnut & Birch wood handle, and a dark brown leather sheath. The sturdy sheath has the Noric style keeper strap that engages a stud on the pommel of the knife. The stud helps prevent you from losing the knife, yet keeps the knife instantly available. (reminds me of the snap-in on a gun holster) This is a beautiful knife. Blade length is 3.94 inches (10.0 cm), and the handle measures 4.33 inches. (11.0 cm).

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