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Caster Board Now On Sale

Have you ever seen people cruisin’ around town on that goofy looking skateboard looking thing that is split into two and only has two wheels? Yeah I have too! It’s called a “caster board”, and they are actually pretty fun and inexpensive. Here’s what Wikipedia had to say about them:

A caster board is a two-wheeled, human-propelled vehicle that is closely related to the skateboard and the snakeboard. Two narrow platforms known as “decks” are adjoined by a rubber or aluminum lamb skin coated metal beam that houses a strong spring. Each truck has one wheel that is connected to the board in a way that each wheel can rotate independently, like the wheels on a shopping trolley. Both wheels are mounted on slants that measure around 30° in angle, facing away from the front of the board. They are not allowed in most skate parks due to safety reasons. Source: Wikipedia

If you want to try out a caster board, head over to and get one! Right now we’re selling them for less than 50 bucks, with free shipping as always. Aloha!


Caster Board

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