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Ontario Military Machete

26 Jun

Ontario Knife Company has been manufacturing the 1-18 Machete under U.S. Government specifications for over 60 years. The same high quality machete that our troops expect, can be yours for an unbelievable value! This full tang American made machete can tackle any situation you throw at it! You can take this machete to the jungle, to your campsite, or just use it to clear weeds in your backyard. One thing is for sure: If you own this machete, you will own one of the finest machetes on planet, and it will cost you less than you think! Visit Makais for our current pricing!

Ontario Military Machete

Ontario Military Machete

Helle Taiga Knife

25 Jun

Want a big bad Norwegian knife? Check out the Helle Taiga! From the manufacturer: “The Taiga is a big working knife suited for larger hands. The handle of colored birch is well shaped for a comfortable grip. It is a big knife with a blade of triple laminated stainless steel. Even for a big knife it does not feel cumbersome. It comes with a traditional pouch sheath with a belt loop. It is a nice package.” As with all Helle Knives, this awesome knife is handmade in Norway and is the absolute finest quality. Although the Helle brand is somewhat new in the North American market, Helle has been hand making knives in Norway since the 1930’s! To learn more about this Norwegian Helle Taiga knife and to see our current pricing, visit Makais.

Helle Taiga Knife

Helle Taiga Knife


Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

2 Mar

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife: With this knife a new world standard is being set! Technical design, ergonomics, and economy are brought together within the model A1, representing the leading concept available today. The A1 knife meets and exceeds established international standards for strength, personal security and value.

Fallkniven A1 Knife

Fallkniven A1 Knife

Model A1 is a semi-large all-purpose knife for heavy duty use. The powerful blade is made of extremely hard yet tough laminated VG10 steel and will withstand the stress of hard use. The knife is superb to chop with, but also works very well with daily tasks, thanks to the ergonomic grip. The full tang goes entirely through the handle, so you can strike the end of it without breaking the grip. The sturdy black zytel sheath allows you to fasten the knife on your belt or your pack – even upside down. Fallkniven A1 is a water repelling concept which works just as well in extreme cold as in stifling heat.

A1 Zytel Sheath

A1 Zytel Sheath

Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife

5 Dec

The Fallkniven Forest Knife is possibly the best hunting and fishing knife ever made. Its sturdy blade made of the new extremely strong stainless laminate VG10 custom steel is convex grounded for extra strong cutting power with no risk for edge breakage. The modified clip-point design works well for penetrating purposes, the long curved edge is ideal for skinning. The blade on the S1 Forest Knife is long enough for lighter chopping and won´t break, it´s full 5 mm (0.2″) thick! The checkered handle gives a good grip even when your hands are cold or wet.


Opinel Corkscrew Knife

4 Nov

The simple & elegant Opinel corkscrew knife makes a great gift for someone who loves the outdoors and loves to drink wine! This top quality knife is perfect for picnics! Opinel knives from France have been around since 1890, but they just started producing a knife with a corkscrew built-in. This knife has been a smash hit! Check it out for yourself at Makais.


Helle Harmoni Norwegian Knife

31 Oct

Helle Harmoni. Outstanding quality knife with a classic yet modern style from Norway! The Helle Harmoni is a part of a series of Helle knives done in a contemporary style. The Harmoni blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel with a handle of curly birch and walnut with leather spacers. There is a small guard on the handle providing security. It comes with a pouch type sheath reinforced with a metal band without any need for snaps or straps to securely hold the knife.

HarmoniHarmoni-sheathThe Helle Harmoni has a triple laminted steel blade with a curly birch and walnut handle. This knife, or any other from Helle, would make a wonderful gift!

Folding Camo Knife by Uzi Knives

4 Aug

Here’s a great deal on a 5″ folding knife by Uzi Knives. This is a Camo Linerlock Knife with Black Finish Metal Handles. Model: ZF46C. 5″ closed linerlock. Stainless blade with dual thumb studs. Extended tang with a unique camo design. Black finish metal handle with machined slot cutouts. Black finish stainless pocket clip. Lanyard loop. Hurry, limited stock remaining on this one!


Ontario RAT Folding Satin Plain Edge Knife

17 Apr

Sometimes you come across a product for sale and you scratch your head wondering why the price is so low? A low price doesn’t always mean a cheap product. Quite honestly, I’m amazed we can offer you this knife for such a low price, but we can! (while supplies last) This Ontario folding knife can easily compete with knives costing $100 or more! It’s a great everyday carry knife, or makes a fantastic tool to bring along on any outdoor adventure. It is simple, practical, and robust. The build quality on this knife is amazing, the steel is outstanding, and it just feels great in your hand! Buy one today for the rock-bottom price of just $26.49! Fathers day is just around the corner, and this knife would make an excellent gift.

Ontario Knife Randalls Adventure Plain 8848

Black Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife by Morakniv (Mora of Sweden)

4 Mar

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 10.40.53 AMBe the envy of all your outdoor buddies with this slick all-black carbon steel blade bushcraft knife from Morakniv (Mora of Sweden). This is high quality Swedish steel! One of the very best knives to come out of the Mora factory. Now in stock at Makais!

New Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knives

13 Feb

2 new bushcraft knives from Mora of Sweden coming to Makais very soon…(click on the images below for larger versions)

bushcraft-survival-knife-orangeBushcraft Survival Orange

Bushcraft Survival – A razor sharp blade with a distinct tip, an all-weather Morakniv® Fire Starter and a Diamond Sharpener make the Bushcraft Survival the natural choice for those who love the great outdoors.

The 3.2mm thick Swedish stainless steel blade stays sharp for a long time, is extremely tolerant against wear and has considerable cutting strength. The blade is ridgeground especially for use with the fire steel.

The robust sheath is provided with a well thought out space for the firesteel and completed with a diamond sharpener, making it easy to sharpen the knife blade. An orange handle with high-friction grip gives the finishing touch to the Bushcraft Survival and is minimizing the risk to lose your knife. A knife that suits a tough livestyle!

bushcraft-survival-knife-blackBushcraft Survival Black

Bushcraft Survival Black – A razor sharp blade with its black 3.2 mm thick blade is one of the most sturdy knives we have ever made. The carbon steel blade has a black coating which protects against corrosion.

You can use the back of the blade with the fire starter. The spine of the blade is sharp, ground especially for that purpose.

 The robust sheath is provided with a well thought out space for the firesteel and completed with a diamond sharpener, making it easy to sharpen the knife blade.  A knife that suits a tough livestyle!


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