Mount Waterman Open For Skiing

21 Jan

Good news for Southern California skiers. El Nino drought relief has allowed vintage Mount Waterman to re-open. Get all the details here. Mount Waterman might be small, but it is very unique and close to the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. California isn’t out of the woods yet on the drought, but this little mountain being able to open is a great sign.


End Of Year Deals!

16 Dec

It’s almost the end of the year, and we’re blowing out tons of inventory at ridiculous prices. For example, in our Ebay store we just posted a Condor Matagi (seen below) being auctioned off with a $0.01 starting bid!


We’ve also slashed prices on 1000’s of other products you’ll find on our website and in our Amazon store. Get a Nalgene Silo bottle (seen below) as a stocking stuffer for that outdoor lover in your life. Who doesn’t want a fresh Nalgene?


Any other ideas on products you’d like to see us put on sale? Leave a comment and let us know, or contact us with any feedback or suggestions…   :)  MAKAIS


Stand Up Paddle Board Bag & Leash $7.77

23 Apr

The ebay deals continue! Calling all stand-up paddleboarders. SUP bag/leash auction starts at $7.77.

Ultralight Sleeping Bag $7.77

21 Apr

sleeping-bagLooking for a killer deal on an ultra-light sleeping bag? Check out this Vaude bag we’re auctioning off with no reserve in our Ebay store. Bidding starts at only $7.77. Last one left!

Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle $7.77

12 Apr

nalgeneNalgene wide-mouth bottles blowout sale! We’re auctioning off a limited number of these Nalgene bottles for $7.77 starting bid with no reserve price. Get this deal in our ebay store.

Vaude Splock Backpack $9.77

7 Apr


Once again, we’re auctioning off some amazing inventory closeout deals in our newly re-launched ebay store. Check out this Vaude Splock backpack auction currently priced at $9.77 with no reserve price! Find this deal and many more in our ebay store.

Makais Ebay Store Re-Opened – Shop Unique Sports + Outdoors Deals

27 Mar

The Makais Ebay store has now re-opened for business! On Ebay you’ll find us selling deals not found anywhere else! Check out all the unique finds today: Makais Ebay Store

Once in a while we sell or auction off slow moving inventory and open box deals. It’s your chance to save some serous cash on quality gear!

Eureka Tents – Sleeping Bags, Lights, Pads, & More

27 Feb

Eureka Tents – Tents, Sleeping Bags, Lights, Pads, & More. Check out some pics of Eureka brand products below, and shop Eureka at Makais.

About Eureka: “Around the globe and across the street, Eureka!® has been bringing families and friends together in the outdoors for more than 100 years. Our field-proven tents, shelters and sleeping bags are ready to take on everything from the rigors of an Everest expedition to the rowdiness of a backyard sleepover. With innovative features, our products are designed for a lifetime of use, providing the comfort that makes it easy for you to enjoy life outdoors.”

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LionSteel Knives From Italy

26 Feb

LionSteel Knives (also known as Lion Steel) are very good quality brand out of Italy. Since 1969 LionSteel has produced some of the highest quality knives on the market today. Check out some many photos of LionSteel knives below, and be sure to check the Makais online store and see what current models of Lion Steel we carry.

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Kizlyar Russian Knives

25 Feb

Kizlyar produces a diverse selection of both fixed blade and folding knives. This is a unique brand of knives from Russia that are not particularly easy to find. Fortunately for you, we’re starting to carry more Kizlyar knives at Makais. Shop Kizlyar Knives at Makais.

Kizlyar brand website

Shop Knives at Makais


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